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IMPERFECT: MEGA Miscellaneous Bag Bundle "C"

$500.00 $2,525.00

IMPERFECT: MEGA Miscellaneous Bag Bundle "C".   

  1. Large Totes = 10
  2. Messenger Bags = 5
  3. Belt/Crossbody Bags = 10
  4. Cosmetic Bags = 10
  5. Wristlets = 5

Mostly minor imperfections do exist with every item.  A few of the items do have some wear & tear from being used at various special events and could also be missing the 2nd strap or in the case of our large totes, missing the matching wristlet (but most do have the matching wristlet).  Some are concept bags.  Most of the bags however, have minor imperfections that could include any of the following:

  • Minor creases/wrinkles/specs on neoprene and/or stripe
  • Minor dents, impressions and/or scratches
  • Minor dirt spots
  • All sales are FINAL.