Bag Care Tips

Washing & Drying

  1. Hand-washing: All of our neoprene totes and bags can be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent -- use extra care with any metallic colors.  Be sure to remove all accessories including removable base boards, straps, decorative chains, etc.  Avoid any scrubbing action as it could cause 'fraying'.  A laundry machine spin cycle only is a great way to remove the majority of water, then simply hang to dry.  Remember, timing is everything, the sooner you're able to wash a stained/soiled item, the better the end result will be!
  2. Hang Drying is Best: Neoprene itself is naturally water resistant so it's really only the blended fabric on the surface of the neoprene, rope handles, stitching, etc. that will need a little time to dry. Hanging your bag will help it dry more quickly and uniformly -- typically in 3-5 hours or less depending on conditions. Resume use once completely dry.

The DO NOT List

  1. Do NOT use bleach.
  2. Do NOT soak (just wash, rinse and hang to dry as quickly as possible).
  3. Do NOT put in dryer or tumble dry.
  4. Do NOT iron.
  5. AVOID contact with any other HOT surfaces like hair straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, etc. as neoprene is heat sensitive and can melt when in contact with such hot surfaces. Let any hot items cool completely prior to placing in or on your neoprene handbag.