Why choose preneLOVE®?

At preneLOVE, we take pride in creating the kinds of bags we'd want to have at our sides every day.  Stylish, sturdy, easy to take care of -- it's a combination that's easier said than done!  But we love doing it, because we know the joy that comes from having a bag you love.  And those are the bags we love to make.

Made to last

All preneLOVE bags are crafted with premium 4mm neoprene, a material at the perfect intersection of durability and lightweight.  Special touches like sailing rope handles with reinforced metal grommets, magnetic closures, and fully-lined interiors are each individually chosen because they have the look, feel, and thoughtfulness of high-quality finishing you can rely on for both function and fashion.

Made to stand out

Besides knowing your bag can stand up to real life, we love that our bags are also a great way to show off your very own personal style.  Whether it's a pop of bright color on a belt bag, or a beautifully balanced neutral tote that will go with everything in your closet, we're always introducing new designs and patterns to make sure you can find that one bag that's totally "you".  Or, the two bags... or the three... ;)

Made with love

Love isn't just in our name, it's in everything we do.  From designing each bag ourselves, to hand selecting our finishes, to taking pride in our top-notch customer service, we want every moment you spend with preneLOVE and our products to be one you love, too.  It's also the reason behind many preneLOVE initiatives, like our support of Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl program.  Afterall, the world can always use a little more LOVE... xo